Epoxy WORK for Durable Interior and Exterior Solutions

Citrus County FL epoxy flooring

Citrus Curb Appeal can tranform your concrete floors, countertops, etc into visually appealing flooring alternatives with epoxy coatings.

Our unique epoxy system creates high quality, durable surfaces which are easy to maintain and resistant against climate. Our epoxy surfaces also stand up to repeated buffing, waxing and polishing. Our epoxy surfaces can be installed over existing concrete, interior or exterior.

Where can epoxy be installed? - Epoxy can be installed on Garage Floors, Kitchens, Basements, Stoops, Patios, Locker Rooms, Stairs, Workshops and many other residential and commercial spaces.

What is epoxy! Epoxy coating is a system that is comprised of both resins and hardeners. When combined, these two components create strong, firm surfaces which bind well to concrete flooring and most other substrates. Epoxy coatings provide premium decorative solutions that are resistant to heavy wear and tear. Due to industrial strength features, epoxy is utilized for a variety of applications, both residential and commercial.

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Citrus County FL epoxy flooring

Aesthetic Appeal - Epoxy options are available in a variety of attractive colors which allow home and business owners to incorporate a unique design into their surfaces, without compromising quality.

Low Maintenance - Epoxy is ideal for a number of applications due to its easy cleaning features. Epoxy has a smooth surface, allowing for quick wipe ups when needed. Easily remove dust, dirt, or debris and have a hygienic, dirt and germ-free surface when you choose epoxy.

Durability - Epoxy coatings result in a durable surface perfect for nearly any application. Our epoxy will last for years to come, even when used in high traffic areas.

And many others!

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